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Behind the lens

Caw (6)HI. Hello. Hey There!
I am Cawilhmi – aka Cee because let’s face it Cawilhmi is really hard to say, but for those who are interested in how its pronounced, its Ka-wil-mi 🙂

Small town laid back girl, mostly in jeans with a camera in hand since 2011 🙂

This blog grew out of my absolute passion for photography & people. The journey my camera & I have walked thus far has been more than I could have ever dreamt & I’ve had the most amazing people with me on this journey and without them it would have never been possible.

I am thankful to our Maker for giving me this passion for photography & being able to share this with people.

I am an absolute sucker for anything pretty, creamy bokeh makes me happy , and I love the butterflies I get when editing a beautiful session ♥

Please stop by the “Blog”  to see some of my recent photo sessions.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my little “get to know me” speech 🙂

Would love to hear from you so feel free to say hello by sending me an email or contacting me through the contact form.